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I have been so busy recently and haven’t kept up with my blogging schedule at all (hoping to be on it again Sunday!). I have been doing a ton of fun things and want to remember them all. With this in mind, I decided I want to start doing a catch up every two weeks so I can remember all the fun memories I am partaking in.

1// Last week I went to Madison with my two friends and one of their moms. I want to go into PR and the mom is a recruiter for a huge PR firm. She had a talk with a PR group at the University of Madison and it was so informative and interesting. I also walked around the campus and went shopping. We stopped for lunch at a place called the “Roast” on Main Street and it was so cute. I highly recommend it.

2// I have been nonstop working lately whether its at the art studio I work at or babysitting. I am really trying to start saving money.

3// I have had college majorly on my mind and have decided that I think a smaller school is for me even though a bigger school is better for connections for PR. I have been doing a ton of research on St. Thomas in Minnesota.

4// My sister, Shelby, had her musical this weekend and im always impressed at how talented she is. Some of my family came up to watch and we went out to lunch at a cute resteraunt near I live.

I’ve really been thinking about my future lately and all the big decisions I will be making in a few years. How has your week been?

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