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This week we’re celebrating my little sisters 16th birthday. I have been wanting to make a cake for the longest time and this finally gave me the excuse to do so. It is so simple and looks so pretty.

Original Buttercream
-1 bag powdered sugar
-1 cup shortening
-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1/2 cup to 3/4 cup milk
Blend the shortening and vanilla extract together until it is creamed. Begin adding a cup of powdered sugar at a time. Add the smallest amount of milk after every cup- make sure not to add to much. When all the powdered sugar is added it should be easy to spread the buttercream out but not to easy where it falls off the spatula. I ended up having to go back and add more milk.
For a detailed description of how to do the flowers head over to I am Baker. I love how her cakes turned out!


I have been so busy recently and haven’t kept up with my blogging schedule at all (hoping to be on it again Sunday!). I have been doing a ton of fun things and want to remember them all. With this in mind, I decided I want to start doing a catch up every two weeks so I can remember all the fun memories I am partaking in.

1// Last week I went to Madison with my two friends and one of their moms. I want to go into PR and the mom is a recruiter for a huge PR firm. She had a talk with a PR group at the University of Madison and it was so informative and interesting. I also walked around the campus and went shopping. We stopped for lunch at a place called the “Roast” on Main Street and it was so cute. I highly recommend it.

2// I have been nonstop working lately whether its at the art studio I work at or babysitting. I am really trying to start saving money.

3// I have had college majorly on my mind and have decided that I think a smaller school is for me even though a bigger school is better for connections for PR. I have been doing a ton of research on St. Thomas in Minnesota.

4// My sister, Shelby, had her musical this weekend and im always impressed at how talented she is. Some of my family came up to watch and we went out to lunch at a cute resteraunt near I live.

I’ve really been thinking about my future lately and all the big decisions I will be making in a few years. How has your week been?


I have really been trying to blog more and get my name out. With this, I have tried to gain a bigger following and I am using Instagram as a way to do that. In the process, I have found so many accounts that I love.


annawithlove– Anna instagram is seriously beautiful. Im not kidding- all of her pictures are the definition of perfection. She is an actual pro at styling pictures.


afabulousfete– I have been a long time follower of A Fabulous Fete not only on Instagram, but also her blog. For one, her calligraphy skills are out of this world. On top of that, she throws the prettiest parties. When I own my own house (wow I feel lame for saying that) I can only hope to entertain like she does.
monikahibbs–  When I dream of what I want my life to be like, Monika’s life comes to mind. Her home is gorgeous- like seriously gorgeous. She takes the cutest pictures of her family and throws the best parties.
You should definitely check out these instagrams and maybe stop by mine @bysophielee. 😉



Tassels are everywhere lately. Recently, while I was at a local boutique I saw string tassels and I loved this version of them. I got thinking about how I could create these for my room and found that these are SO easy to make.

-String (I didn’t even use a whole thing of string and I got 10 small tassels)
-A box or book the length you want your tassels to be
Optional: Tape (highly recommended!)

1// Cut a piece of string that can be taped to the box. This will be used to later tie onto the final long string.

2// Wrap the string around your box. I wrapped my string around 20 times.

3// Undo the taped string and tie it in a knot around the pieces of string that were just wrapped.

4// Take the string off of the box and cut the bottom. (DO NOT cut the end you just tied!)

5// Tie another string an inch or two below the top of the tassel giving it the bubble effect.





My closet has been in need of some organization for what seems like forever. However, I didn’t realize how bad it was until I looked at the before and after pictures! I am a pretty organized person for the most part and  don’t know how I left it that bad for that long. After some major cleaning, I finally have it how I like it.

So this is what I started out with… isn’t that so bad?!
I then cleared everything from the shelves and went through it all. I sent everything I didn’t want to Goodwill. I then cleaned all the shelves with all-purpose spray and wanted to paint the wood white but decided I would save that for another time. I also went through my all my clothes but left them hanging to make it easier and cleaner. Now for the after…

Doesn’t it look so much better? I love the way it all came into place and my room feels so much cleaner. Now that I have more hanging space I think I might need to use that as an excuse for some shopping ;).

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