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As usual, I was thinking about what I could add in my room to make it a little something more. I have mostly covered all walls except one. I was also trying to come up with ideas of something that I would be able to hang pictures on and eventually use as an inspiration board. Well… this is what I came up with and I couldn’t be happier about it.


After doing a little digging, I found this MDF board in the basement that was the perfect size for the wall I wanted to put it on. I then took two stools and set the wood on top of the towels to make it easier to paint on. I wiped off any dirt or dust with a towel and once dry, painted a white coat. I had to do about 4 coats (way more then I expected) but I am assuming if you use primer it would take less coats.

Once the paint dried completely, I taped off the pattern I wanted. It was actually much easier then I imagined and only took me about 40 minutes. To make the pattern a little easier, I started by putting a long piece of tape going from once corner to the opposite corner and then pulled it off once I had completed the rest of the painting.

I went over the tape with the white paint to make sure I would get as clean of lines as possible and once that was dry did 2 layers of gold spray paint.

I pulled off the tape and I loved it!

I layed pictures out before I put nails in to make sure I had enough room for them. I had photos going horizontal and vertical just to make sure I could get both ways of photos fitting. Once I had that done I nailed the nails in and make sure to have the nails going on a diagonal (kind of) so your pictures have a better chance of staying on.

So, this is the final product! What do you think?


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