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This week has been one of the two times a year that I dread- exam week. Fortunately, I think I have  mastered (okay not really but as mastered as it will ever be) how to not become too stressed and get the grades I had worked for.  

1. Make a schedule– I am a huge schedule follower. I start thinking about how I am going to schedule my time for exams about two weeks out. This is how I usually do mine:

2 weeks before: Begin collecting all material needed for studying. Also, because my school allows us to have one exemption, I choose the class that I want to exempt. This is usually the class that is hardest for me and is in an inconvenient time slot meaning if I have three of my hardest classes one day, I am going to exempt one to make it less manageable at only two. 
1 week before: Start studying the main ideas. Look through to see if there is any information you need additional help with.
2 days before: Read through everything thoroughly twice.
1 day before: Read through everything once and a second time on anything that you find difficult.
2. Work out during exams + drink water- Working out is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off of everything you need to do. It will also make you feel much better and keep you awake while you’re studying. Make sure you always have a water bottle with you during studying so it keeps you hydrated and helps you not get so tired.
3. Take breaks- Whenever I study, I am dosing off within 40 minutes. So, because I know this, I set study limits for myself where if I continually study for 40 minutes. If I do this, then I allow myself 20 minutes on my phone.
4. Turn your phone off- This is a huge one for me. Phones can be such a distraction and I know for me, that if my phone is even within a short distance and on there is no way I will be able to study as well as I could.
Exam week can be horrible, but with a little preparation it doesn’t have to be that bad. What tips do you have for preparing and staying unstressed for exams?

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